Your education stays with you for life. It helps to make you who you are. That is why, at SPK Schools, we are determined to give our students the highest quality learning experiences we can provide. Equally, we have very high expectations of our students, as well as our staff. We want them to be the best. If you share these aspirations, then come and witness for yourself the inspirational experiences we give to students of SPK Schools.

English is an universal language and one who knows English can complete well in the modern world. Yet all the middle class parents cannot afford to give their wards such a quality education as from Ooty, Kodaikanal or Yercaud. With that thought in mind, our correspondent  Mr.P.Sengodan, an engineer by profession, has established this institution at Kadachanallur in Tiruchengode to Erode main road.

Keeping in mind, the lack of opportunity in the Government sector, we train our students to develop self expression and self confidence which will help them to become entrepreneurs.

We are physically psychologically preparing our students to be able to compete and achieve in the highly demanding 21 st century.

The SPK matric Hr.sec school is run by the Sengodan Prabu Kumar Trust. Administrative committee/Correspondent Mr.P. Sengodan, Mr.A.S.Prabu Kumar is Chairman and Mrs. A.S.Angammal is Managing Trustee.