The school has a network of outstanding laboratories exclusively maintained for the needs of junior and senior students of our school. The separate labs for Computer Chemistry, Physics and Biology are well equipped with up to date equipments available in the respective domain areas. These Laboratories cater to the requirements of all our students enriching their knowledge and ever increasing hunger for quest.

Computer Science Laboratory

SPK School has well-equipped modern computer lab with state-of-the-art machines, latest software and provides a special curriculum for computer education combining computer technology with academic content. Students are taught a variety of software and basic programming skills. This complete graded computer programme equips outgoing students with a thorough knowledge of computing skills.

Chemistry Laboratory

The chemistry Laboratory of the school houses cutting-edge laboratory facilities including Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry backed by an excellent team of Staff and experienced Support Staff with proper safety manual and instructions while experimenting with hazardous chemicals, solvents and solutions Interactive laboratory activities are able to enhance student's understanding of chemical processes and practical skills

Physics Laboratory

The physics laboratory is no mediocre to others with the addition of a "Dark Room", which a single student can use during experiments with the Spectrometer. All this only reinforces the fact that as far as academics are concerned, the facilities provided are never a compromise with quality. Experiments in these labs are explained to and done by the students, with care given to intricate details of each of them, so that once imbibed, the details remain in the young minds for future times.

Biology Laboratory

A tour of the biology lab shows that the facilities offered to the students are unrivalled compared to other schools. The biology laboratory consists of a spacious room and individual work space and apparatus provided to each student. Easy interaction between teacher and the students is duly possible.
Assessment tests including viva-voce are also conducted by the teachers at higher secondary education level to understand the comprehension level of the students. The lab is set up with audio & video visual effects and saves a lot of labour for the teacher. The lab can accommodate a substantial number of students at a time.