The students eagerly Participate in the various clubs as per their individual interests as the management & staff enjoy their creating of put, Literary Associations keep the Children involved and promote a spirit of creating in them. As part of the overall personality development programs, students are encouraged to participate in various hobbies and activities. Such as panel dramatics, English/ Tamil / Hindi / literary of science, clubs of various of festivals like Krishna Jayanthi, Vinayaga Cathuruthi, Teachers Day, Vijaya Dhasami, Deepavali, Navarathiri, Childers Day, Pongal, Republic Day.

Welcome to the S.P.K Schools, we build upon the basics that the talents of our would rest upon the quality of its youth. Quality comes thorough care & attention.

In Having to Maize children of quality as purpose to make them the kind of citizen the would heads so much today then events before we have to education children not just with instruction but train then in that direction with all the attention & care they Deserve.